Develop A “Friends” Of Your Business Marketing System

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Another critical, key factor to maximise the number of customers
calling your business, pleading with you to service their needs and
no one else is to develop a “friends” of your business marketing

The objective is to build, and maintain a large pool of “friends”
who refer potential, buy ready customers to you.  You need to
systemise this, and repeatedly review its effectiveness i.e. Return
on dollars spent.

The “friends” of your business are those people in businesses, who
are REPEATEDLY near YOUR customers, just before they need your
products or service.

Sit down and “whiteboard” the typical process your customers
commonly follow in the lead up to purchasing your product or
service.  Who do they commonly go near?

When you have determined this you then need to stamp your brand and
services in the minds of these people.  This is commonly achieved
through gifts, networking, and branding at industry functions.

Australians will happily refer others to services they have heard
of, and in particular heard GOOD things of.  They rarely need
incentives; in fact many are put-off by businesses that pay money
to referrers.  I’ve made a lot of money out of sending a simple
“thank you” bunch of roses and this has always leads to more

ON THE ECONOMY … I don’t doubt that tight times are on the way.
It’s YOUR CHOICE to see the downside or upside.  Trim up on all
your excess expenses.  Look at every cost carefully and if it does
not add to your profit – kill it.  Reduce your over
draft/borrowings.  Be ready to grab the GREAT opportunities that
these times ALWAYS generate.

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