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Focusing On Your Business

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

First of all, sorry about the gap in sending my “business tips”.  I want to try something a little different.  Email me your questions.  Without naming or identifying you, I’ll retry and answer your questions.  Let’s see if we can all learn from this.

Think on this ………………….

My first business I started so I could be “my own boss” and that’s exactly where I got to in 8 years.   I ended up working 90 hours a week and earning the same as my staff that were doing a 40 hour week.

At this point I decided that what I (me personally) wanted, was to earn a HEAP of money EVERY WEEK and have the TIME to enjoy it.   I figured out the only way I could do this was to find something lots of people needed, something that I could develop a great product for, that was easy to make sales in, that I could systemise so others do it for me.  The intention being to create a cash cow that I’d never sell and let it feed my lifestyle for life.  I set out to build a big business (we’re not big yet).

After a bit of trial and error I discovered a niche on the residential moving market – short distance moves, using hourly rates, with employees that we train from no experience to be outstanding. MiniMovers was born from a Utility Truck and a $200 investment.

Today I remain the sole owner and Chair a Board of Directors with an experienced CEO running the Company.  We own about 130 vehicles; have 400 people employed and turnover around $30M a year.  We are growing across Australia and nosing around for overseas opportunities.

I’m self taught.  I’ve never moved a stick of Furniture so I’ve only ever worked ON my business.  I have no “passion” for my services – I expect my people to have the passion to move furniture and create ecstatically happy customers. From the start I built effective systems.  Today we are a very high tech process driven business.

Along the way I started Mentoring a lot of other business owners.  From this I learned a lot about what I’ve achieved and why.  Amongst these ………….

  • I very much believe that you go where you “aim”.  The vast majority of people I’ve mentored have half a desire and “aim” too low.
  • Leadership (to me) is about saying “this is where we are going, follow me”.   Paint a clear picture of the outcome.
  • You need a clear strategy around your product AND (almost more important) a clear strategy around the people you engage in your business.
  • You can only count money AFTER it comes in.  So forget the fancy accounting systems – SELL SELL SELL.
  • Be very aware that you must be DIFFERENT, that you need to develop (several) Competitive Advantages.  Don’t copy, think for yourself, and lead the race.
  • Growing a Business is NOT about “planning” it’s a matter of continually thinking up new ideas (conceiving) then testing the idea in a small “affordable” way, measuring the results, and discarding/changing what didn’t work (most of them) BUT systemising and duplicating what does.
  • Do NOT focus on what you know, focus on the NEED that your business addresses.  Fix the frustrations in the market.
  • Continually test new ideas.  Your business MUST continually evolve.  Change is a constant.
  • You cannot control your competition, BUT you can control the standards.

How does my story fit with you??  There is NO SUCH THING as a silly question – try me.