Hunt & Check-“Transparency” The Next Change

Friday, 10 July 2009

Marketing is the art of attracting customers to our business.
Advertising is telling people about our business.   This is
changing – almost as we speak.

To promote our business we typically build a web site or
advertisement.  From these we “shout” – who we are, and what we
offer.  Think of using a megaphone from a “roof top”, shouting out
to everyone, hoping some will listen.  If they noticed and they
wanted, they responded – it really was so simple.

What’s emerging is almost the exact opposite of this.

Google allows people to find things – fast.  On top of this, Web2
has seen the emergence of “comments” about products, people, and
businesses.  These are recorded (posted) in all sorts of ways.
From the “review” buttons in Google, (use Google maps to locate a
business then note the “review” button), to what people are saying
on the likes of Blogs, Twitter, etc., to a range of web sites
committed to publishing comments/reviews.

The trend (change in consumer behaviour) is for people to take less
notice of advertising, preferring to “hunt” for what they want –
usually by putting some words into Google (or simular).  When they
find it, they then check what others have to say.

Hunt & Check – is going to dramatically change business,
particularly how we market and how we behave.

People now search for your “offer” then “view what others say about

You are now, not only being judged on what you say but ALSO, on
what you do.

The next big change affecting the business world is TRANSPARENCY.

From potential customers, to prospective employees, to your bank, –
from you the person, to your business, to any of the products you
have, – everyone is now “looking up your skirt”.

How exposed are you?

Are you prepared for this new world?

Have you positioned yourself “so hunters can find you?”   Have you
delivered MORE than what is “acceptable” or “you promise” – so
others say good things about you?

NOTE:  Web2 can also be used to promote your business.  The trick
is to NEVER “shout”.  Engage in conversation; tell interesting
stories.  It’s all about being creditable.

I hope these helps.

Mike is available for speaking on a range of topics from: the
MiniMovers story, to what’s happening in Business today.

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