Growth From Measuring

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

If you focus on it, results will flow.  One of the most valuable tools driving growth in MiniMovers, believe it or not is, a simple weekly graph that tracks the total dollars taken each week.

During the past 2 weeks 8 people, with existing trading profitable businesses, have approached me for mentoring.   NOT ONE could tell me their turnover last year or LAST WEEK (or whatever their main trading period is).

How can you know if you are still driving on the road if you are not watching the road?

Since the very first week of trading some 23 years ago we have on every Wednesday plotted (one number into an excel spread sheet – it takes 2 minutes) and published (printed on the notice boards) a graph of the total dollars taken each week.

What does this achieve?  Almost every person in MiniMovers is FOCUSED on turnover – making sales, taking money.  They can see in an instant if we are up on last week, what the trend this time of the year is, and how far ahead we are of last year.

Seriously – the mood of the Company soars and celebrates the “ups” and knuckle’s down and attacks the “down” trends.

My weekly graph motivates me and focuses my people.  It’s a very profitable exercise.

How do you communicate; how you are traveling to your people?

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