Live On Air: 4BC (1116)

Thursday, 13 January 2011

This Sunday 16th and on most Sundays from now on, you can hear me on a NEW Small Business Radio show between 8am and 9am on Brisbane Radio 4BC (1116).

I had a great “tip” to relaunch sending these with this new opportunity – HOWEVER fate dealt me an interesting hand (it’s NEVER boring)…

My biggest, busiest MiniMovers market – Brisbane flooded – big time. With a tear in my eye I must say the Birth place of MiniMovers; my beloved “Rocklea” depot went completely under. For a full 24 hours I spent my time in a stunned state.

Then I realised there are always opportunities in all these things.

Today I rallied my people, hit the advertising – we will again be busy and it all goes on.

Please share my Radio spot. Let’s do BETTER BUSINESS.


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