Visiting Call Centres and BPO’s in Manila, Philippines

Thursday, 20 January 2011

I’ve just returned from Manila where I set up permanent office staff for my business. Philippines and India have been used for decades by big business for lower cost workers. The Governments of both countries actively encourage and incentivise this industry. In both countries most providers to the West are tax exempt.

The services that best suit most of us come in two distinctive areas.

1. Call Centres handle “voice”. Incoming and outgoing sales.

2. Service businesses called “BPO’s” who provide “back office workers”.

To give you an idea of the savings; a Filipino office worker, with a University Degree, Microsoft Office skilled, written English up to my standard and spoken in an understandable way – is well paid at around 18,000 pesos a MONTH – that’s $95 a week. Add to that about 20% in outgoings (they have strict employment laws/benefits) plus office space costs (normally simular to the wages cost) then you have an alternative that will make your business a lot more competitive.


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