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Thursday, 17 February 2011

For years I’ve said I do one thing (short distance residential furniture), I strive to be THE Leader in this market, I defend and fight within this market, I rule the market. I want to be THE “name” in Short Distance Moving.

This allows us to have a very intense “focus” on what we do for who.

The “financial/business” turmoil over the past couple of years has led me to change this view. Whilst retaining my MiniMovers cash cow (and single market focus), I’m now hunting for other business opportunities. Opportunities that are well away from the market changes we have just experienced.

The new game is carefully planned – diversity.

A spread of income sources is now appealing – the trick will be to NOT lose the intense focus EACH business will need.

Food for thought.


Management and Leadership

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Management is about ensuring processes are followed.

Leadership is about motivation.

Irrespective if you are leading one person or a million people – you have two absolutely essential two tasks.

The first is to create a clearly communicated VISION. Paint a seductive “picture” of where you are going, what you want to achieve.

The second is to have clearly defined “acceptable” and “not acceptable” and enforce them. These can be defined “rules” but I find clear “values” work better. Failure to enforce will fracture the effectiveness of your leadership.


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Washed Out But Not Washed Up

Thursday, 3 February 2011

The Brisbane flood is first major disaster I’ve been directly involved in. We had a building I own that houses around 50 employees go under to 600mm off the ceiling of the second (top) story.

What did I notice:

• We failed to empty the building because we misunderstood the height and time of the peak that was broadcast the day before it flooded. So did nearly everyone.

• Lots of employees and businesses not connected in any way with the disaster “took time off”.

• Amazing business opportunities were missed like- mobile coffee vans, didn’t trade even though we had 1000s cleaning up.

• On clean up day the media, politicians and all those type of folk were on about everything other than our real issues which were a lack of gum boots, rubber gloves, and drums of disinfectant.

• The promises of grants/aid poured out – which often wasted our time as the unannounced hoops/ eligibility cut most people out.

• There is an amazing misunderstanding by people interstate and overseas that we were completely wiped out – they are all (still) scrambling to give money – which I doubt most people actually affected will ever see. Most of Brisbane went to work as normal – a couple of days after the flood receded, in the sense of the whole of Brisbane, it was pretty well back to normal.

• My real issues were commonsense – clean, dry, get the power on, set up alarm systems and air-conditioning – start business again. We achieved all this in 7 days. Haven’t seen an Insurance person yet.

Perhaps the biggest issue we face is a collapse in our local economy if everyone doesn’t get back to work and all the “free” supplies flooding us from interstate don’t send the local businesses broke.