Mr. MiniMovers - Mike O'HaganFor the first 10 years of Mikes work life he worked for 35 different employers. In his words “I’m a product of the many really bad, and the few good, employers I worked for”.

This background helped to influence Mike to “do it differently” in business.

His business career started with buying and selling goods as a second-hand dealer. Six years later the entrepreneur in Mike surfaced when he launched a short distance furniture removal business. This evolved into MiniMovers.

MiniMovers is today an innovative market leader, growing from an initial investment of $200 and a Ute, to an annual turnover exceeding $30 million with over 400 employees. Now 24 years old, MiniMovers currently moves over 1000 homes and offices a week in Southeast Queensland, Melbourne and Sydney. Today Mike Chairs the Board of Directors with an experienced CEO running the Business.

In 2006 Mike was appointed a Commissioner on the Australian FairPay Commission. The Commission is an independent body responsible for adjusting federal minimum and classification wages. The Commission undertakes annual Minimum Wage Reviews and announces its Wage-Setting Decisions in July of each year. The Commission’s decisions draw on information gathered through consultations, submissions and research. Adjustments made to federal minimum wages flow on to juniors, trainees, casual workers and employees with a disability.

Through various government sponsored assistance/mentoring programs Mike has helped many hundreds of businesses. As a result Mike has developed some very alternative views of the success factors that drive people and businesses. Mike sees his strengths in his basic commonsense approach – “out of the box” thinking, leadership, systems, marketing, people management skills, workplace culture, innovative products, and creative customer service strategies.

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